Posted By Harrisons Direct Delivered Wholesale on 14th August 2020

Buyers’ Hottest Picks: Essential Products for Autumn 2020

Buyers' Hottest Picks: Essential Products for Autumn 2020

Searching for all the latest autumn products before festivals like Halloween and Bonfire Night jump on you is an extra job you don’t need. Luckily, we have an experienced team of buyers who can do it all for you.

At Harrisons, our buyers:

  • Select new products and review old products, so you get products that are more likely to sell.
  • Find the right suppliers – so we can price our goods competitively.
  • React to any changes in customer demand, so you get the products you need when you need them.
  • Maintain relationships with existing suppliers while seeking out new ones – we’re always looking for new, innovative products that improve your sales lines.
  • Getting feedback from customers – we want to hear about how products work for you and what we can do better (we’ve got a 4.8 avg review on Feefo!).

We follow all the latest product trends so that you can get the essentials, as well as any trending products or event-focused merchandise. Here are our predictions for autumn 2020:

Health & Hygiene

Must-Have Health & Hygiene Products

Must-Have Health & Hygiene Products

Visit our Cleaning & Hygiene Product Collection blog and get all the products you need to protect your customers.

Lip Care

Lip Care products

Must-Have Lip Care Products:

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night Products

Must-Have Bonfire Night Products:

Halloween Confectionery

Halloween Confectionery

Must-Have Halloween Products:


Christmas products

Must-Have Christmas Products:

All of the Buying Team at Harrisons wish you a prosperous autumn – we hope this advice helps you to increase your sales this year.