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Help Your Customer Stay Safe With a Cleaning & Hygiene Product Collection

Help Your Customer Stay Safe With our Wholesale  Cleaning & Hygiene Product Collection

Since the Covid-19 pandemic sprang upon us in March, everyone’s been more safety conscious; and rightly so when there are lives at stake.

In February and March, hand sanitizer and toilet roll sold out as people began to panic-buy – which was due to evergrowing fears of the impending lockdown and concerns about cleanliness and preventing the spread of germs.

Fast-forward a few months, and we aren’t in the frenzy of March. However, people now have more freedom post-lockdown. 

More freedom means people are leaving their homes to go to work, supermarkets or to see friends and family at their homes or local parks. The result is that people are more safety-conscious than ever.

It makes sense, we have to be vigilant with the lethal virus and save as many lives as we possibly can – and obeying essential health and safety standards is the first logical step to prevent the spread of the virus.

How Can You Help?

You can help by stocking the essentials for cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring your customers have access to the necessities. You’ll need some of these essentials for yourself as well if you have a physical store.

We’ve put together this cleaning and hygiene product collection, so you can drop items in your basket which will make the shopping experience a lot simpler!

Cleaning & Hygiene Product Collection

Hand Sanitizer

Wholesale Hand Sanitiser

If you’d have asked people whether they carry hand sanitizer around at the turn of the year, we can’t imagine most of them would have met you with a resounding yes. Six months later and hand sanitizer is as important as taking your keys and your phone out with you.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill a wide range of germs and have to be between 60-95% alcohol to prevent diseases from spreading.

It’s important to remember that hand sanitizers are best used as a back up to handwashing, which is usually a portable solution being as though most people have soap and water in their house.

Don’t encourage your customers to use it as a substitute for handwashing, as it can’t protect against other viruses and infections like norovirus, cryptosporidium and clostridium difficile.

Our Mad Beauty Clip & Clean Hand Sanitizers contain 69.3% alcohol, so you can be sure they’ll protect against unwanted germs.

Hand Soap

Wholesale Hand Soaps

Unlike hand sanitizer, hand soap has been a staple of British households for years and will continue to be, although people have stocked up on this in recent months, so they don’t run out.

Soap is the best destruction method against Covid-19. The virus is an enveloped virus, which means it’s coated in a fatty layer. Soap can dissolve this lipid layer, which prevents it from clinging to cells in our body.

When it comes to buying liquid or solid soaps, both follow the same cleaning method, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

You’ll want to think about the people that buy from you, though. Kids will want different soap to adults (although they might not always get it!), and people with dry hands or smelly hands with want something soothing or fragrant. The general idea is that moisturising soaps prevent more handwashing as the hands don’t dry out as quickly.

And while ‘germ shield’ or ‘antibacterial’ soaps tend to sell better because of the naming convention, any soap will remove dirt, grime and germs from your hands if you wash them properly.

View our selection of soaps from the best brands in the UK.

Disposable Gloves

Wholesale Disposable Gloves

While some experts argue disposable gloves do more harm than good and spread more germs than they save, they make people feel safer. A Malaysian glove manufacturer saw shares rise 14%, so there is a demand for the gloves.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind when selling gloves:

  • Gloves aren’t a perfect form of protection for those hoping to avoid germs in public places.
  • People shouldn’t wear gloves unless they help them avoid touching their face.
  • Take extra care to prevent cross-contamination by following the CDC’s step-by-step guide to removing your gloves.

If you use gloves in store, follow these guidelines to ensure you don’t spread germs:

  1. Pinch the outside of the first glove at the wrist; don’t touch your bare skin.
  2. Peel the glove away from your hand, pulling it inside out as you do so.
  3. Hold the glove in your other gloved hand; do not hold it with your free hand.
  4. Peel off the other glove by inserting your fingers inside the glove under your wristband, taking care not to touch the exterior of your glove.
  5. Turn the glove inside out while pulling it away from you, leaving the first glove within the second one. Then immediately dispose of these gloves in the trash.

If you have a demand for disposable gloves, you can buy them here.

Face Masks

Wholesale Face Masks

Your customers would be forgiven for not being aware of when they’re supposed to wear a face mask, but it’s current law to wear a face mask on public transport and in shops (although we presume you know this!).

Whether you or your customers agree with this or not isn’t up for debate. It may seem strange being as though we haven’t done it for the past four months, but it’s important not to risk a fine or your customers getting a fine.

We would advise shop owners to be assertive with the laws, so the reputation of the business isn’t damaged.

You can rest assured that you can refuse entry to anyone who doesn’t wear a face mask, and you have the support of the police who will be able to give out £100 fines to anyone that doesn’t comply (£50 if paid with 14 days).

Our masks comply with World Health Organisation and Health Protection Agency guidelines, so you know you’re getting a product that can help your customers prevent the virus from entering their body through the mouth and nose.

View our compliant face masks here.

Pocket Tissues

Wholesale Pocket Tissues

Pocket tissues would usually be something we carry around in the winter months, but if you have a cold or you feel a sneeze coming on, you may have contracted the virus, and if you don’t cover your mouth and nose more germs will enter the atmosphere.

While it can be a challenge to get a tissue to your nose before sneezing, it’s worth carrying them around. Tissues won’t destroy the virus, but they could help stop the spread of germs and prevent anyone else from contracting it.

Any tissues will do – we have plenty of pocket tissues in stock, including tissues for kids.

Antibacterial Wipes & Other Household Cleaning Products

Wholesale Antibacterial Wipes & Other Household Cleaning Products

While keeping a house clean isn’t a direct prevention method for Covid-19, it can help any germs from spreading, especially if people are inviting family and friends around to their homes and gardens.

People will generally be cleaner as there’s more emphasis on it from all directions – and this reflects in household cleaners sales, which have risen 195% according to Research and Markets.

While the risk of going into someone’s home and contracting Covid-19 is low if people adhere to social distancing measures, cleaning shops and places where people gather is an absolute must since nobody knows how long the virus can survive on a surface.

If there’s an increased demand for these products, it makes sense to sell them and use them yourself.

Explore the following categories:

You can view our full range of cleaning products here.

Remember to Get Cleaning & Hygiene Products for Yourself

While you want to help your customers stay safe and hygienic during the Covid-19 pandemic, remember you need to keep yourself safe. Keep yourself and your store clean and prevent the spread of the virus in the process.