Posted By Harrisons Direct Delivered Wholesale on 25th April 2022

National stationery week: stock your shelves with best-selling stationery!

Sharpen your pencils, world stationery week is just around the corner! If you’re a retailer that’s looking for a way to celebrate, stock your shelves full of the best stationery on the market.

Stationery is one of those staple categories that will always sell well. Pretty much everyone has use for it at some point in their lives, whether that be on a day-to-day basis or stocking up for one off use. 

If you’re a little unsure about the best items to stock, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Harrisons, we’re stationery fanatics. In fact, we boast one of the biggest collections of wholesale stationery in the UK! So, in honour of world stationery day, we’ve put together a handy guide with everything you need to know about successfully selling stationery products.

What is national stationery week?

National stationery week celebrates the written word and all it entails! It was created to remind us all of the importance of writing by hand, rather than typing everything on a screen. 

It aims to get people all over the world talking about and sharing details of their favourite stationery products and retailers as well encouraging them to put pen to paper and write by hand.

So when is national stationery week? In 2022, it’s from 16th May to 22nd May.

How to celebrate National stationery week as a retailer

There are a ton of ways you can get involved with world stationery day as a business owner… Write a letter, draw a picture, support a fellow stationery retailer or as we suggested earlier, stock up on stationery yourself!

What is the best stationery to sell?

1. Student stationery

Students and stationery go hand in hand. Whether they need a pencil case for school or notepads for university, students of all ages will be looking to stock up on stationery. 

Of course, you can expect a huge surge in sales during the back-to-school rush and exam season, but student stationery tends to generate a steady cash flow year-round! Pens run out, notebooks get full and favourite colours somehow go missing all the time, so you can expect your customers to pop in to top up their stationery stash on a regular basis.

Because the needs of students are so varied, it pays to stock a variety of stationery for them. Consider everything from files, binders and refill pads for college and uni students, to exercise books, pencil cases, rubbers and maths sets for the younger ones.

Here at Harrisons, we stock a huge range of student stationery, with fantastic prices on everything from wholesale binders and files to wholesale erasers and sharpeners! 

2. Home & office supplies

Stocking up on home and office supplies is a great way to get involved in world stationery day because it amplifies their main message. In modern day offices and (thanks to Covid) home offices, many of us rely on technology to write. But, by selling office supplies you’ll be encouraging the use of traditional stationery!

​​When it comes to office stationery, it’s a good idea to stock all the essentials, making you a one-stop shop for all your customers’ work needs! This includes everything from paper, envelopes, binders, pens and notepads to desk accessories like staplers.

3. Social stationery – gifts & cards 

Social stationery is often overlooked, but in our experience, it is one of the biggest sellers! After all, it’s always someone’s birthday, wedding, christening… the list could go on.

Things like invitations, money wallets, greeting cards and party decorations will help your customers celebrate all the big and little wins in life.

4. Writing supplies

Last but certainly not least, we have writing supplies! What better way to encourage your customers to put pen to paper than by supplying them with a huge range of pens and pencils?! From the standard Bic to the luxurious Parker pen, right through to Stabilo pens in every colour, we have all the writing supplies you’ll need here at Harrisons. Let’s not forget about pencils, markers or correction fluid too!

The highlights: best-selling stationery products in 2022

Our top twenty wholesale stationery product page offers you the chance to see what like minded businesses are buying. Take a look at what wholesale stationery products our customers have bought the most in 2022 so far…

Why buy wholesale stationery from Harrisons?

When buying stock for your shop, you want your customers to be able to find everything they need in one place. At Harrisons, we’re exactly the same. We stock a huge range of wholesale stationery so you can get the products you want. 

Whether you’re a business that needs wholesale office supplies or a retailer looking to sell arts, crafts and school supplies, we have all the wholesale stationery products you’ll ever need – all available for next working day delivery!

Teachers can come to you for their budget classroom essentials, while university students can buy higher quality pens for their exams. At trade prices, you can bulk buy everything that you need to fill your shelves full of stationery in time for national stationery week. 

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