Posted By Harrisons Direct Delivered Wholesale on 19th June 2020

Harrisons Top Trending Essential Summer Products

Harrisons Top Trending Essential Summer Products

Summer is officially here! And while it may have gotten off to an unusual start, the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t going to stop consumers from picking up their much needed summer essentials.

Retailers across the UK have been snapping up various products for the warm weather, as buyers get more creative and explore new summer products as well as the classics. 

Your customers have more time to fill, more time to browse and research, and there’s much more emphasis on providing entertainment for their families and friends.

With more outdoor facilities set to open in the next few months, sales for toys, camping equipment and Covid-19 safety items are set to increase. 

As social distancing measures become less strict, we predict that buyers will start to buy more items that they can use outside of the house, such as on beaches and parks, while considering the safety implications of being out and about.

Here are our best-selling products, so you can stay on-trend this summer.

Cricket Set

1. Cricket Set

With all the glorious weather we’ve been having, it’s no wonder outdoor toys have been a big seller over the past few weeks. Our cricket set is a popular choice, as it allows people to follow social distancing guidelines by meeting up in small groups, and is perfect for people of all ages. This set allows your customers to have some good old fashioned summer fun, playing a quick game of cricket in the garden or on the beach. 

Water Bottles

2. Water Bottles 

Hydration is key, especially in the warmer weather. With the coronavirus lockdown restricting activities, lots of people have taken up outdoor walking, and taking a drink along is a must! Our wholesale water bottles sales are soaring at the moment, they come in a fantastic range of colours and patterns so you can fill your shelves with a variety of choices. You could consider doing a multi-buy deal, as customers are more aware of spreading germs and may want to keep bottles for themselves.

Camping Chairs

3. Camping Chairs

Fancy a socially distanced garden gathering? Now you can! The British weather isn’t always permitting, often leaving the grass and outdoor seating areas damp, so it’s a good idea to stock something that people can take to sit on.

Our wholesale camping chairs are just the thing, they’re portable and super comfortable, making them perfect for all of your customers outdoor summer parties. Looking at the rise in our camping chair sales, it seems as though everyone is having a similar idea!

Bluetooth Speakers

4. Bluetooth Speakers

Music has been connecting people ever since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic as people seek to create solidarity and spread positivity. Speakers consistently make our top trending products year-on-year, and that isn’t going to change this summer. Our shoppers are particularly loving this Juice Speaker Bar, it’s small yet has a big sound with a battery life of up to 8 hours. Also, remember that portability is a key factor when buyers are choosing speaker systems, they want the flexibility to listen at home and when they’re out. 

Mad Beauty Hand Sanitiser

5. Mad Beauty Hand Sanitiser

Stay safe and clean while also smelling great with these mad beauty hand sanitisers! Hand sanitisers are going to be a part of daily life for the foreseeable future, so it’s a good idea to stock your shelves in preparation. Our customers are loving these Mad Beauty Clip & Clean Sanitisers with summer scents ranging from coconut and cucumber to strawberry and lavender. 
We have lots of fantastic Summer products over on our Summer Essentials page that are sure to fly off of your shelves! Browse now and make your shop the go-to for summer must-haves.