Posted By Paige Prestage Marketing Executive on 28th April 2021

Gardening Product Collection: The Best of Our NEW Gardening Range

Gardening. Unless you grow flowers or veg, it’s pointless, isn’t it? Wrong. There are over 27 million people who get involved in gardening every year in the UK, which is more than a third of the UK population of 64 million people.

In 2014 it was reported the gardening market was worth about £5 billion, a figure that’s sure to get your mouth watering. Why do you think we’ve invested in a new gardening range!

Gardens have a wide range of purposes, too. Some people use their gardens for growing produce like tomatoes and other fruit and veg. 

Then some people like to decorate their gardens to improve the aesthetics, with trees, plants and other ornaments.

Gardening Trends 2021

We expect to see a few gardening trends emerge this spring and summer, including:

  1. The garden is the new front room while we all relish the chance to get out into the garden when it’s sunny, we think people will be keener to get out because we’ve all been trapped indoors for four months.
  2. Growers keep growing – the rise of veganism, food prices rising, and people’s desire to help the planet will see more people growing fruit, veg and flowers at home. Get the trowels ready!
  3. Urban gardening – just because you live in a flat or don’t have a garden, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring them indoors outside; the house plant market is booming as people seek to connect to nature in unlikely places.

Why Buy Our Gardening Product Collections?

  1. Grouping products create a better and more logical approach to buying – e.g. Customer buys a trowel then realises they need a garden waste bag.
  2. Maximise sales by including various options.
  3. Allows you to take advantage of seasonal buying traditions.
  4. It gives the buyer a visual experience – they can see the whole collection in front of them; they just need to buy it.

Gardening Product Collection

Gardeners Kneeler

Gardening requires people to spend a lot of time on their knees, picking, pruning and digging. While grass is softer and offers a cushion-type feel to the knees, getting them on concrete or wood is painful and can cause some nasty cuts and bruises. Even on grass, you can kneel on something sharp or something that stings you and the fun stops there! That’s why we stock garden kneelers to help keep your customer’s knees safe and clean.

  • They are manufactured from an easy to clean and water-resistant, dense, thick foam. 
  • The kneeler measures 40.5cm x 18cm x 2.5cm making it the ideal size for those hard-to-reach jobs.
  • It helps to keep clothes out of the dirt.
  • Protects knees and legs from any bites, stings or scratches.

Multi-Purpose Bucket

When you spend a lot of time picking, pruning and trimming in a garden, there’s always lots of waste. While some customers may have garden waste bins, they aren’t what you’d call portable when you’re dragging them around a garden. Help your customers dispose of their waste or transport things around the garden with our multi-purpose buckets.

  • Perfect for carrying sand, water and building and garden waste in the home or garden.
  • Capacity: 26L.
  • Solid and durable polypropylene with an added strengthening agent.
  • Multi-purpose & flexible.

Draper Plastic 5L Watering Can

When you’ve got vegetables to grow and plants to tend to, you need something that’ll get the job done quickly. A watering can is a staple of any garden where life exists and thrives, which is why we stock watering cans.

  • Ideal for larger watering tasks in the garden, the greenhouse or on window boxes.
  • The rose attached to the end of the spout enables the water to be dispensed evenly to avoid excessive water pressure on the soil or delicate plants.
  • Capacity: 5L
  • Evenly dispensed water droplets
  • Sold in singles

Draper Hose Reel Set 10m

Your customers could use our multi-purpose bucket or watering can to transport water around their garden, but sometimes you need something a little more robust and convenient. 

Hose reel sets come in handy for people with large gardens, saving time returning to the water tap. They’re also helpful for older customers who can’t get around their gardens as quickly as they used to or have health conditions that make carrying large amounts of water dangerous. 

  • Perfect for use in gardens and on patios. 
  • The practical and compact design combines a handy, easy to use spray gun and 10m of reinforced hose pipe. 
  • The reel makes for easy transportation and convenient storage.
  • Size: 10M.
  • Includes spray gun and reinforced hose.

Shed and Fence Brush

Summer is the right time to give tired-looking sheds and fences a new lease of life, providing it isn’t raining. But let’s be honest, nobody can guarantee that in the UK! You can give your customers the tools they need to be prepared, though. This is why we stock shed and fences brushes.

  • Stiff formulation brush with soft tips for high paint loading and release. 
  • Perfect for use with wood stain and preservative and paint on sheds, fences, decking and more.
  • Measures 115mm.

Draper Heavy Duty Gardening Gloves

An absolute must-have for any gardener is a pair of strong gardening gloves. Gloves can protect gardeners from harmful plants such as nettles, holly and rose bush thorns. They can also help protect the hands from splinters and wood shavings. Gloves also enable gardeners to get a better grip on plants or roots, so they’re essential.

  • Perfect for delivering good all-round protection during heavy-duty gardening and landscape projects. 
  • Feature excellent abrasion and puncture resistance with breathable elasticated back and open cuffs for maximum comfort and dexterity.
  • Size: medium, large.
  • They are manufactured from tough pig split leather.

Draper Soft Grip Secateurs

Your customers need a good set of secateurs to prune and pick their tough weeds, bushes and plants. Secateurs are easy to use and easy to carry, so they come in handy for small jobs that don’t require much strength.

  • Feature non-stick, coated steel blades which deliver smooth, clean cutting every time. 
  • They have soft-grip handles which provide user comfort even when used for prolonged periods.
  • Dimensions: 32.5 x 9.5 x 3cm.

Carbon Steel Heavy Duty Hand Fork

Garden forks are often used for digging up weeds and are sometimes referred to as ‘weeding forks’. However, they are suited to many jobs around the garden, such as preparing planting holes, transplanting, aerating and mixing additives into soil and are indispensable for levelling around border edges and neatening up the soil.

  • The fork ends are made from an epoxy coated carbon steel, hardened and tempered with plated ferrule and includes a leather wrist strap and plastic handle.
  • Dimensions: 39 x 8 x 5.5cm.

Heavy Duty Hand Trowel

Trowels are ideal for applying, digging, moving and smoothing small amounts of garden material, such as stones, soil or plants. We stock heavy duty garden trowels, which will help your customers with a host of garden tasks.

Perfect for days out in the garden. The trowel end is made from an epoxy coated carbon steel, hardened and tempered with plated ferrule and includes a leather wrist strap and plastic handle.

  • Dimensions: 40 x 7.5 x 4cm.
  • Includes wrist strap.
  • Manufactured from epoxy coated carbon steel.

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