Posted By Harrisons Direct Delivered Wholesale on 16th June 2022

The Best Travel-Sized Toiletries to Sell

Holidays are back and booming – and it’s no surprise after years of restrictions. There are no more PCR tests, PLF forms or quarantine when you get back to the UK, which has encouraged many Brits to venture abroad again. Make sure you have plenty of travel-sized toiletries in store for sun-bound customers. 

The baggage disarray at airports up and down the country has led many holidaymakers to travel with hand luggage only. That means travellers are restricted to travel-sized toiletries no more than 100ml in size and no more than a litre in total. Help your customers prepare for their holiday by stocking up on travel-sized sun creams, shower gels and hair care.

And travel-sized toiletries aren’t just for travellers either, they also come in handy for weekends away or for keeping in a handbag for emergencies. We’ve all been caught out by an unexpectedly sunny day where we’ve wished we had brought sun cream, or a last-minute night out where we’ve needed a spritz of dry shampoo.

Take a look at some of our best travel-sized toiletries below, including big brands that customers know and love.

Sun care

We all know how expensive sun cream is when you’re on holiday; these travel-sized sun creams will save holidaymakers from paying an arm and a leg once they arrive. They’re also great to keep in a bag for those rare sunny days in the UK.


Drop the bags off, freshen up, straight to the pool. Sound familiar? Travel-sized shower gels mean that there’s no rummaging around suitcases trying to find a wash kit. Customers can just get straight on with their holiday.

Hair Care

Full-sized shampoo and conditioner are surprisingly heavy, which can tip the scales on limited luggage weight. Travel sized shampoo and conditioner can be popped into hand luggage to save vital luggage weight.


Travel-sized deodorants are another holiday essential, but are also handy to keep in the car, at work or at the gym. These are sure-sellers, even out of holiday season.


Travel-sized toothbrushes and toothpaste are a lifesaver on long-haul flights. They’re also handy for weekends away in the UK when customers don’t want to take a full-sized toothpaste or mouthwash that they don’t need.

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