Posted By Joe Elson on 29th June 2021

Staycation Product Collection: What Your Customers Need to Holiday at Home

Staycation Product Collection: What Your Customers Need to Holiday at Home

Although we’re now able to go on holiday, the UK’s traffic light system has caused chaos for many people who are on holiday or planning to go.

A recent YouGov poll showed those who have booked a summer holiday this year, nearly twice as many have booked a domestic stay over going abroad.

While some people will compromise and take the risk, many people will choose to stay in the UK, where restrictions are less likely to be imposed, although the lifting of all lockdown restrictions has been extended until the 19th of July. 

Some are concerned it may happen again, but furthering the current restrictions would still mean holidaymakers can go away.

We expect the demand for staycation products to be higher than in previous years, so it’s essential to get stocked up before the summer holidays arrive.

We’ve put together a list of staycation products that will help your customers enjoy their holidays in the UK.

3 Staycation Trends to Watch Out For

1. Last Minute Booking Means Last Minute Buying

Staycation Trends to Watch Out For

While last-minute booking is associated with holidays abroad, we’ve never seen this trend in the UK before.

People were uncertain about restrictions and whether they would be relaxed as we progressed into the year, but it now appears people have more confidence and are more willing to book.

It’s important for retailers not to make the mistake of thinking people will stay at home and plan to get the correct stock in so demand doesn’t outweigh supply.

2. Increased Focus on Health and Safety

While many will have been inoculated come the summer, we still expect people to be cautious, especially the older generations.

Even though masks won’t be compulsory from the 19h of July, we still expect some people to use them, and while hand gel sales won’t hit the heights of last year, there will be pressure for hotels, bed and breakfasts and other businesses to provide hygiene products.

3. Accommodation Focused Holidays

Accommodation Focused Holidays

There’s the possibility that some guests may want to spend more time in their accommodation than usual if they feel uneasy travelling out.

This will put more demand on the resort or the surrounding retailers to provide them with the goods they need to enjoy their holiday.

Why Buy Our Product Collections?

  1. Grouping products create a more intelligent, logical approach to buying – e.g. Customer buys a BBQ then realises they need a spatula.
  2. Maximise sales by including various options.
  3. Allows you to take advantage of seasonal buying traditions.
  4. It gives the buyer a visual experience – they can see the whole collection in front of them; they just need to buy it.

Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment

Many UK holidaymakers will be looking to try something new or carry on the tradition of going camping, so it’s a brilliant time to stock up on camping gear as we believe it’ll be popular this year. Here are some of our camping essentials:

Our Top Five Camping Essentials:

  1. Aluminium Whistling Kettle 1L
  2. Milestone Camping Chairs
  3. Portable Picnic Table
  4. Single Sleeping Bag
  5. Double Airbed With Pillows & Pump

BBQ & Picnic Equipment

BBQ & Picnic Equipment

If your customers are off camping, they’ll probably be having a BBQ; I mean, you aren’t really camping if you don’t have a BBQ. There’s also the probability that they’ll have picnics on their day out, so we provide equipment to cater for them both.

Our Top Five BBQ Essentials:

  1. 3-Piece BBQ Tool Set
  2. Oval Steel Trolley BBQ
  3. Charcoal Briquettes
  4. BBQ Foil Trays
  5. Bamboo BBQ Skewers

Our Top Five Picnic Essentials:

  1. 4 Airtight Micro Containers
  2. Blue Tartan Picnic Rug
  3. Stainless Steel Reusable Straws
  4. Cooler Blocks 3 Pack
  5. Enamel Plates

View all BBQ & Picnic



Whether your customers live the nomadic lifestyle in a tent or relax in a plush bed and breakfast, they’re going to need toiletries to keep themselves looking, smelling, and feeling fresh. We’ve got a range from all the top brands like Lynx, Dove and NIVEA so that you can deliver quality every time. We stock:

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor Toys

If there’s one thing that’s great about being on holiday in the UK, you can take your favourite outdoor activities with you! Ensure your customers have endless fun by stocking some of our amazing outdoor toys. We stock:

Our Top 5 Outdoor Games:

  1. Rounders Set
  2. Stitched Football
  3. Castle Bucket & Spade
  4. Torpedo Whistling Missile
  5. Ring Toss Game



Unfortunately, it happens! People get sick on holiday, whether it’s a little too much sun, eating something out-of-date or plain rotten luck. That’s why we stock a range of medicines so that you can get your customers back to full health quickly so that they can enjoy their holiday.

Our Top 4 Medicines:

  1. Travel Sickness Bands
  2. Benadryl Allergy Relief
  3. Handy First Aid Kit
  4. Nurofen for Children
  5. Bite and Sting Cream

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There’s nothing more annoying than being away only to find you’ve lost your charger or it’s stopped working, so we stock a range of charging accessories that’ll keep your customers full of juice!

Our Top 5 Charging Accessories

  1. Griffin USB Type-C Charger
  2. 90cm AUX Cable
  3. iPod/iPhone/iPad Charging Cable
  4. Micro USB Cable
  5. Groove-e Portable Power Bank



While restrictions are expected to be relaxed by mid-July, we still think some of your customers will be playing it safe and will want to see PPE equipment on sale, especially if they’re going away and are unsure of whether the environment is safe, so we stock:

Read Our Brand Guides to Get the Best Quality Products

We know you want quality, which is why we stock the best brands on the market, such as Gilette, NIVEA and Haribo, to name a few. 

Visit our blog and use the toggle to switch to our brand guides, where we look at the history of each brand and recommend our best-selling products.

Want to Cater for People Who Stay At Home? View Our Gardening Product Collection

Some people will opt to stay at home this year and save their pennies for when we’re back to normal next year or later in the year.

We’re sure the people who do stay home will be looking to maximise the time they spend enjoying their gardens, and we’ve got a gardening product collection to help them get their garden in tip-top shape!