Posted By Paige Prestage Marketing Executive on 26th May 2021

NIVEA Brand Guide: Every Touch Tells a Story

The skincare industry is enormous, and it’s going to continue to grow worldwide for the next five or six years – by around $40 billion!

The market’s current value is $148 billion, and it’s expected to grow to $189 billion, a tremendous growth spurt.

And there’s no wonder we all want to take good care of our skin and look our best. And whoever said no to looking a little younger? Anti-ageing products are set to see a 3.7% growth rate and reach $51.8 billion by the end of 2027.

Other areas to see growth are the skin whitening and acne prevention market segments, so getting your skin car stock right is more important than ever.

In this article, we will look at one of the most iconic brands of the last 100 years, NIVEA. We’ll explore what they stand for and show you their best products.


As with most historic brands, the NIVEA story began with an invention. In 1911, Dr Isaac Lifschütz developed Eucerit, an emulsifier that allows water and oil to combine without separating – perfect for creating a cosmetic skin cream. 

Dr Oscar Troplowitz, chemist and co-founder of Beiersdorf (parent company) and dermatologist Professor Paul Gerson Unna, created the cream and were inspired by its white colour when naming it – translated, NIVEA means ‘snow white’.

Expansion Begins

Talc, soap and hair milk were created in the wake of the cream’s success. As ocean liners and seaplanes started to connect the world in the 1910s, NIVEA expanded into every continent as its stable formula meant it could travel long distances without disturbances.

NIVEA realised the importance of men’s skincare and released a shaving soap, while the iconic blue tin made its debut in 1924.

In the 1950s, travel became more popular as people had access to cars, and NIVEA started to research how the sun’s rays affected the skin. They released Ultra-Oil Spray, a light sun spray that liberated a generation. Plus, they had the genius idea of releasing the NIVEA beach ball, further propelling the brand as the go-to for sun oil.

Independence And Sex Appeal Promote Diversity

More women began working in the 1960s, and NIVEA adapted its skincare range to suit the busy working woman with NIVEA Milk, a light cream that absorbed quickly and was easy to apply. The company also released its baby range to protect young, delicate skin.

Sex appeal came with the 70s; swimwear got smaller and more skin was on show than ever before. NIVEA helped to develop the SPF factor and started to advertise it on bottles of sunscreen.

Don’t Forget Men And The Older Generations…

While men have thousands of skincare products to choose from today, it hasn’t always been like that – soap and water were the traditional skin care method! In 1980, NIVEA released an alcohol-free aftershave balm which was a hit, and in 1986 the NIVEA Men range was released, showing men wanted to look after their skin, too.

Then older generations started to take more responsibility for their quality of life and youth. As technology advanced, researchers were able to look inside the skin, and as they learned more about the structure and function of the skin, they created one of the first products containing an ingredient found in the skin, coenzyme Q10.

What Does NIVEA Stand For?


Like all classic brands that sit on the shelves today, NIVEA would not be here without product innovation. Their commitment to research and the diverse needs of their customer base ensures they’re always at the cutting-edge of the skincare market.

NIVEA has set standards for over a hundred years – with recent innovations like invisible deodorant, in-shower lotion and Q10plus anti-wrinkle serum active beads to the classics like NIVEA milk and their original sun oil.

What will it be next? We’re excited to find out.


NIVEA was made with one objective in mind, helping people care for their skin. Over the years, the extensive amount of research into the fabric of the skin and how to create products that care for it better has made them one of the most trusted brands in the world.

The fact that NIVEA provides products for all ages signifies their commitment to caring for all people, no matter who or where they are. A powerful message when selling skincare products.


The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the simplicity of NIVEA is its navy blue and white packaging. You know what you’re getting when you buy NIVEA products, and you can trace these colours back to the 1920s. Keeping their brand colours the same means they’re noticeable, but not in a tacky way. Understated, subtle and effective.

What NIVEA Products Should You Stock?

We have an extensive range of NIVEA products at Harrisons, and we’ve covered them all here so you can get various skincare products. Here are our top recommendations:

1. NIVEA Deodorants

Let’s face it, as the day wears on; you might start to smell something funky, only to realise it’s you! That’s why NIVEA offer a range of deodorants that are designed to give customers long-lasting protection; here are our favourites:

2. NIVEA Moisturisers

NIVEA made its name and continues to be successful; they have a much more extensive range of moisturisers than they did back in the 1910s! However, they’ve stayed true to their formula and still make NIVEA classic creme.

3. NIVEA Sun Care

NIVEA is well-known for creating SPF factors and has lead the sunscreen market for some time. They aren’t going anywhere either, and your customers can hang out in the sunshine knowing they’ll be safe with NIVEAs range.

4. NIVEA Shaving

NIVEA has been creating men’s shaving products for nearly 100 years, so, unsurprisingly, they’re still making excellent products. Their aftershave balm was one of its revolutionary products that still sells well today.

5. NIVEA Lip Care

Dry, chapped lips are painful, and cuts in your lips can lead to infections. NIVEA’s lip care range helps your customers keep their lips nice and moist, minimising the risk of lips drying out and cracking.

6. NIVEA Shower Gels

NIVEA has a range of shower gels that provide the ultimate comfort and fragrance when taking a shower. Thick, creamy and luxurious, and all at a reasonable price.

7. NIVEA Wipes

Taking makeup off can irritate the skin with the wrong wipes, so it’s essential to get a quality product that’s gentle on the skin. NIVEA wipes are alcohol-free and will even remove waterproof makeup.

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