Posted By Harrisons Direct Delivered Wholesale on 27th May 2020

Lockdown Life: Outdoor Toy Sales Set to Soar

Lockdown Life: Outdoor toy sales set to soar

The season of outside play is upon us, so naturally outdoor toys are high in demand. Retailers all over the UK are reporting the beginning of a huge rise in toy sales, indicating there’s a retail opportunity you cannot miss!

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. With the coronavirus lockdown restricting recreational activities and a possible heatwave on the cards, many families are rushing to invest in outdoor toys and games. After all, there’s only so many movies you can stream, cakes you can bake and games of monopoly you can lose – it’s difficult trying to entertain kids without leaving the house.

Public playgrounds are now open, so that means your customers and their kids can’t have fun in the sun! Help them make the most of summer with our fun wholesale outdoor toys, all of which can be used without breaking the measures designed to slow the spread of coronavirus. Here are our top four outdoor toys that are sure to fly off your shelves this summer.

1. Involve the whole family with a game of Cricket

1. Involve the Whole Family With a Game of Cricket

The first thing that’s on your customer’s mind when they think of outdoor summer fun is traditional British family games, and there’s nothing more British than than a game of cricket! 

Our Wholesale Cricket Set Size 3 set includes everything your customers need to play a quick game of cricket in the garden or on the beach this summer. 

Playtime isn’t just for the kids, so games like this allow people of all ages to make the most of the warm weather. We also supply some other classic games that will keep your customers entertained all summer long, such as wholesale Giant Draughts and Badminton Sets. So, stock up on games the whole family will love.

2. Nerf Blasters

2. Nerf Blasters

Let your customers turn their back garden into a foam-based battle zone with Nerf Guns!

It’s no secret that Fortnite is all the rave right now, but summer is a time to put down the gadgets, get outside and reconnect with good old fashioned fun. Well, with our NERF Fortnite SP L Blaster they can all play Fortnite in real life, rather than on a screen! Win, win – right?

For those not so into Fortnite, but definitely into Nerf, we have an excellent selection of wholesale blasters for all of your fun-loving customers.

3. You can’t beat a ball

3. You Can’t Beat a Ball Game 

We all love a good ball game on a sunny day and with our wide range of footballs and playballs, the possibilities are endless! A ball is a toy that has been popular for as long as we can remember – any child who enters your store to see a big pit of playballs won’t be able to resist!

It’s a great idea to stock your shelves with a variety of balls – we have everything from tennis and footballs to soft-touch rugby and play balls to suit the tastes of all your customers.

Allow your customers to enjoy a good old kick about in the garden this lockdown, and browse our range now.

4. Paddling Pool

4. Paddling Pool 

Ah, the paddling pool – another essential summer item for your shelves! With the glorious weather forecast over the coming months, your customers are definitely going to be looking for a way to cool off.

Our buyers have predicted that our funky Just So Fruity Paddling Pool is going to be super popular, so if you want a product guaranteed to fly out the door, we definitely recommend this one.

Start preparing your shelves today! To see more of what we have available, visit our outdoor toys page.