Posted By Harrisons Direct Delivered Wholesale on 7th August 2019

How can your store capitalise on the scariest time of the year?

Halloween is coming around fast again, and this is quickly becoming the most popular buying season for consumers. Perhaps it’s because it appeals to both young and old, or perhaps it’s simply the opportunity to dress up. Either way, Halloween is the perfect opportunity for your business.

Dress it up

Dress it up…

Research shows that a key part of Halloween is dressing up, with 69% of consumers spending cash on costumes. The dressing up reaches further than fancy dress though, with a further 72% of consumers buying decorations for house and garden.

Dress your store

Our wholesale Halloween products can be used in-store in addition to being sold off the shelf. This is the perfect way to showcase the products you offer and get your customers’ imagination going. An excited customer will reach further into their pockets, so get the party started early with some stunning Halloween decorations. Try out our Halloween gel window stickers, with 4 different blood-curdling designs to brighten up your window display. Or brighten up your counter with our Halloween pumpkin-shaped tea lights.

TOP TIP: Remember that good product placement can dramatically increase sales, so make sure to stock the products you use as decorations.

Dress your store
Get creative!

Get creative!

A great tool for enhancing product sales and customer footfall at the same time is to run an event.

Try out our Halloween themed tools for getting the customers through your door, and looking at all the great products you stock. Our Halloween pumpkin carving tool set is a great starting place for a pumpkin-carving workshop. It’s very safe and easy to use, so customers can get involved in the festivities. Get staff involved and dressed up with our Halloween spooky striped tights. Or how about rewarding your customer’s carving efforts with some Halloween themed Haribo Scaremix? We can send these in cases of 12, so you can have them on display near the till to capitalise on customer interest.

Hurry, Hallowe’en is just around the corner, and we’ve got an unboolievable range of wholesale Halloween products and accessories that you.. and your customers will love!