Posted By Harrisons Direct Delivered Wholesale on 20th September 2019

Get ready for the golden quarter…

Get Ready for the Golden Quarter

If you have a retail store you probably already know about the golden quarter. This time of the year, the quarter that runs up to Christmas or the end of the year is a chance to make it big for many retail businesses. With plenty of customers on the hunt for special deals during the period and special shopping days such as Black Friday to look forward to, those that are prepared can really make the most of the festivities to give their profits a healthy boost!



There’s not better time to invest in your marketing. The big brands will have been thinking about their Christmas marketing all year round, those epic TV commercials don’t happen overnight after all! When it comes to marketing for the golden period, though, it really is never too late. There will always be consumers who leave sorting their Christmas presents until the last minute and you should take advantage of this where you can.

Make sure that your products scream out to them when they do their internet searches or that your store is what they see when they hit the shops in a panic. Get out there and really pull them in.

Switch up your festive products

During the golden period, shoppers are looking for a little bit of luxury. Try adding something to what you sell, to really add that extra special touch. You could, for instance, stock gift sets and Christmas wrap, or perhaps you could include a meaningful voucher with your products that gift recipients could use after Christmas. Ultimately, you need to create that feeling that customers are purchasing that all-important piece of luxury and that they are receiving something special when they choose you. This is the best way to tempt them to part with their cash.

Festive Products
Be Prepared

Be prepared

This period is always going to be especially busy. Make sure that you spend some time during the run-up planning. You will need to think about staffing and working hours as well as how you might handle ordering because there might be periods when you will have to be more wary of stock levels. Speak to your staff, get their insight as to how you can work together to ensure busy times are managed well and that you delight your customer.

With a bit of effort and planning, you really can make the most of the golden period and enjoy a healthy boost in your profits during the year-end!