Posted By Joe Elson on 5th March 2021

Buyers’ Picks Spring 2021

Spring can’t come soon enough this year as we’ve all been confined to the house over winter. And while things won’t be back to normal completely, we can still be optimistic about the roadmap to normal life.

And having missed out on spring last year will mean people will have different energy and intent this year. That’s why my buying team and I have compiled a list of the best products that will kickstart spring and get us stepping into summer.

At Harrisons, our buyers:

  • Select new products and review old products, so you get products that are more likely to sell.
  • Find the right suppliers – so we can price our goods competitively.
  • React to any changes in customer demand, so you get the products you need when you need them.
  • Maintain relationships with existing suppliers while seeking out new ones – we’re always looking for new, innovative products that improve your sales lines.
  • Getting feedback from customers – we want to hear about how products work for you and what we can do better (we’ve got a 4.8 avg review on Feefo!).

We follow all the latest product trends so that you can get the essentials and any trending products or event-focused merchandise. Here are our predictions for spring 2021:

Hayfever & Allergies

Anyone that suffers from hayfever or allergies will know that springtime can be lovely but frustrating if you forget your medicine. That’s why we offer the best-branded hayfever and allergy solutions, so your customers can enjoy spring without the sniffles.

Branded hayfever medication:

Camping – NEW

We’re predicting that camping will be big this year! Although many people will look to go abroad, we still think there’ll be a tentative nature to booking holidays abroad and UK holidays will be popular. That’s why we’ve got a camping collection that will help your customers enjoy a holiday in 2021.

New products to include:

Outdoor Toys – NEW

Outdoor toys are always popular in the spring and summer as people start to venture outdoors more, and we think they’ll be just as popular this year. We’ve got a huge range, such as swingsets, sandpits, bat and ball sets and trampolines!

Gardening – COMING SOON

As soon as we hit spring people like to get outside, and the garden is usually one of the first places they’ll go. Whether it’s watering, pruning, clearing or mowing, we’ve got gardening products that can help your customers get outdoors and enjoy their garden.

New products to include:

  • Gardening Tools (Spade, Rake, Hand Trowel etc.)
  • Secateur/Shears
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Garden Caddy
  • Hosepipes and accessories
  • Watering Cans
  • Buckets

Stock Up for Easter

Easter is fast approaching, so if you haven’t got your collection ready, now’s the time to start. View our Easter product collection and stock up on the essentials for the festival season.

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