Posted By Harrisons Direct Delivered Wholesale on 1st March 2020

What Are the Best Mother’s Day Products to Sell in 2020?

best mother's day products to sell

While UK shoppers like to make themselves feel special, they also splash the cash when it comes to Mother’s Day.

In 2019, spending hit £1.6 billion with a growth of 0.8% – with gifting making the proportion of that spend at £1 billion.

Mother’s Day falls on the 22nd of March this year, so shoppers will have plenty of time to pick up their Mother’s Day gifts before Easter arrives on the 12th of April.

Sons Spend More

According to research by Mintel in 2015, sons spend £12.18 more than daughters on Mother’s Day. Men are more likely to buy on impulse, which may contribute to the higher spend due to lack of thought.

Mother’s Day Popularity

You’ll also want to consider the popularity of Mother’s Day in comparison to Father’s Day. British consumers spend around £950 million less on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day, so it’s a bigger and more important event for retailers.

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Sell in 2020

1. Relive Happy Memories With Photo & Media

what mothers day products to sell

Photos and media are a brilliant way to stamp out the commercialisation of Mother’s Day by offering something that evokes positive emotions and brings back warm memories.

Photo albums or frames allow customers to collect photos of their family and show thought and consideration. 

If you want to think outside the box, you could stock disposable cameras for those who are planning days out or memory sticks that can store family videos.

These products are all about capturing special occasions and reliving them with the ones you love.

2. Ignite the Senses With Candles & Fragrance

mothers day gifts to sell

What mum doesn’t love a scented candle or fancy reed diffuser? Presuming they haven’t got a house full already!

As we discussed earlier, there are plenty of buys that are made on impulse. It’s good to have impulse buys on your shelves because it means people don’t have to think.

Consider what scents will be popular among women – we have mango and passion fruit, lavender blossom, fresh linen and Mediterranean orange to name a few. Candles are often bought with other gifts, so you could try to pair them with something else.

You could stock some alternative fragrance like reed diffusers or look for a gift set.

View our Baylis and Harding gift sets and home fragrances.

3. Games & Puzzles

mother's day presents for retailers to sell

Games and puzzles are a fantastic gift as they allow everyone to get involved. If people are going to see their parents for the day, they can take a game along and get the whole family involved.

They’ll be able to use it on special occasions like Christmas or birthdays which will allow them to create positive memories for years to come.

If people have kids, it’s a great way to get them involved in the activities and have fun in the process.

You could stock ‘personal’ games for people that like to play on their own, puzzles and activity games like word searches. Or for those who want a bit of both, card games are an excellent choice.

Here are some games and puzzles to consider stocking:

4. Home Accessories

mother's day stuff for retailers

Interior design is popular among homeowners, and home accessories are a popular gift for special occasions like birthdays and mother’s day.

You could order lighting, cushions, decorative plaques and signs and home decor. We’d advise sticking with novelty items rather than serious home decor; there are too many different styles to cater to everyone (unless you specialise in home decor, of course).

5. Bath & Shower Treats

what mother's day gifts should i stock?

What mum doesn’t love a luxurious bath or shower on Mother’s Day? It’s a staple gift that you have to stock. 

There are hundreds of brands out there, so get a mix of different products and give your customers plenty of choices. You could bring in bath bombs, shower gels, bubble bath and sponges. We stock all types of bath bombs, from strawberry and kiwi to blackcurrant.

6. Mugs

mother's day gifts to stock

Mums need a coffee or tea to keep them going through the day, so you could add to your range by including coffee and tea mugs.

There are various styles of mug, from your standard stay-at-home mug to ecoffee mugs, flasks and travel mugs.

7. Chocolate & Confectionery

retailers guide to mother's day gifts

We don’t need to tell you how effective chocolate and confectionery are at generating sales, and no more so than on special occasions. Everyone loves receiving food as a gift, especially if it hits a sweet tooth.

We stock everything from biscuits and fudge to American candy and vegan chocolate.

8. Don’t Forget the Basics

retail guide mother's day gift buying

Your stocking all these amazing gifts, don’t forget something to wrap them in! Also, you’ll want to stock a range of cards, so customers have a bit of choice. You can visit our Mother’s Day section to see the full range.

Here are a few tips to help you maximise Mother’s Day sales:

Avoid Commercialisation

Retailers should be wary of making gifts and messaging too commercial – with the most popular activity being ‘visiting your mum’, which places more emphasis on the activity instead of the gift. 

Ensure you place any marketing messages on the activity or event, not the product if you want to break this cycle.

Get Creative With Displays

If you’re grouping products in a boring way, you aren’t going to maximise your sales. How many consumers see a card, a bottle of wine and flowers next to each other. That’s what all retailers do. Try to set yourself apart by doing something more inspirational.

Have You Got You Mother’s Day Stock Yet?

If you haven’t got your Mother’s Day stock, now’s the time to start! Cater to the early shoppers as well as the last-minute shoppers. View our Mother’s Day range for inspiration.