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Get Your Customers Sizzling With a BBQ Product Collection

Get Your Customers Sizzling With a BBQ Product Collection

The great British BBQ, a staple of the English summer; as long as the rain subsides and the sun shines. And let’s face it, that can be a rarity!

Nevertheless, it’s essential to keep your BBQ products stocked up, as the sun can often be sporadic and your customers look to enjoy the summer sun before it moves behind the clouds and the clouds open.

Vegan BBQs Are On the Rise

In 2020, we expect to see a rise in vegan food sales as the market grows. While some consumers are strictly vegan, others are looking for alternative food options or attempting to reduce their meat consumption.

Waitrose reported an 80% increase in vegan food sales in July; vegan bbq searches went up 26%, and vegetarian bbq searches rose by 32%. When stocking up on your BBQ products this summer, think about how they’ll be used. For example, customers may need more than one disposable BBQ if they’re cooking meat and vegan options.

Eco-Friendly Focus

Eco-Friendly Focus

As well as ethical food sourcing, buyers are now looking for ethical products to support them. Eco-friendly options are beginning to become an expectation, not a luxury. If you want to impress your customers, consider stocking environmentally-friendly products as well as the standard go-to products.

Why Buy Our BBQ Product Collections?

  1. Grouping products create a better and more logical approach to buying – e.g. Customer buys a BBQ then realises they need a spatula.
  2. Maximise sales by including various options.
  3. Allows you to take advantage of seasonal buying traditions.
  4. Gives the buyer a visual experience – they can see the whole BBQ in front of them, they just need to buy it.

Harrisons Summer BBQ Product Collection

Instant BBQ

Wholesale Instant BBQs

It’s impossible to have a BBQ without something to cook food on, and while some people may have more permanent fixtures, disposable BBQs still sell well to people that don’t or people that are having a BBQ on a day out.

We’re stocking Bar-B-King Instant BBQs so that you can ensure your customers get smoky this summer!

Product Benefits:

  • Steel legs – your customers won’t have to worry about getting scolded for damaging the ground as the steel legs elevate the BBQ off the ground, which is a unique selling point.
  • Easy to store – these BBQs are small and weigh 600 grams, so they won’t take up too much room in-store.
  • Easy to use – the BBQs light instantly and don’t require any more fuel to stay alight – no suspiciously cool sausages for anyone!
  • Long burn time – the BBQs burn for around 70 minutes, so there’s plenty of time to make sure everyone’s belly is happy.
  • Popular – cheap and useful, a recipe for sales success!

BBQ Utensils

Wholesale BBQ Utensils

If you’ve ever burnt your finger, you’ll know it’s not a pleasurable experience; BBQ utensils can help everyone’s fingers stay safe and are a practical, useful addition to any BBQ.

Make your customer’s lives easier by including a BBQ utensils kit in your product collection. Ensure you keep the kit out of the reach of children, the utensils do come in plastic packaging, but there are sharp utensils in there.

Product Benefits:

  • Safe – wooden handles mean there’s no risk of heat transferring to hands when holding the utensils.
  • Three tools – contains a grill fork, grill tongs and spatula.
  • Stainless steel – stainless steel is hygienic, heat resistant and won’t rust.
  • Reusable – wash and reuse again!

Bread Knife

Wholesale Bread Knives

Picture the scene, your customers clawing at bread buns and hot dog rolls trying to pry them open with their fingers. While they’ll end up with something in there, it’d be so much easier if they could cut the buns open with a knife.

You can help your customers risk losing any of their buns by stocking our Chef Aid bread knife. Ensure you keep it out of the reach of children and maintain a strict ID policy when selling the knife.

Product Benefits:

  • Serrated blade – straight blades crush bread, whereas a serrated blade prevents this from happening as the jagged edges cut into the bread.
  • Perfect length – the 20cm length of the blade makes it ideal for cutting buns and rolls; it’s also easy to store.
  • Stainless steel – stainless steel is hygienic, heat resistant and won’t rust.

Disposable Foil Trays

Wholesale Disposable Foil Trays

We’re sure everyone has been there, everyone’s bellies are full, and there are still loads of sausages and burgers burning away on the disposable BBQ. It’s a shame to waste food, so having something to store it on while your eyes catch up with your belly is beneficial.

Help your customers save food by providing them with disposable BBQ trays; it’s a piece of kit nobody ever thinks to buy.

Product Benefits:

  • Convenient – ideal for picking up on the go before a BBQ.
  • Practical – easy to use, just get them out of the packet and start stacking food onto them!
  • Drain well – cooking meat tends to leave lots of fat, the slits in the tray allow the fat to seep through, so the meat doesn’t end up drenched in grease.
  • Easy to store – these BBQ trays are small, so they won’t take up too much room in-store.
  • Multi-use – customer can use at BBQs, camping trips and picnics, as well as occasions like weddings and birthday parties.

Corkscrew & Bottle Opener

Wholesale Corkscrews & Bottle Openers

Everyone loves a nice cold beer or glass of wine when they’re tucking into a thick, juicy burger. But there’s nothing fun about scrambling around looking for something to open it with when they realise they’ve left the bottle opener. 

Save your customer’s beverages by including a bottle opener in your BBQ collection, something people always forget, but always need! Try our Country Lever Arm Corkscrew.

Product Benefits:

  • Dual function – has a corkscrew and a bottle opener, so the beer and wine drinkers will be happy.
  • Simple – dependable, efficient, and doesn’t take much strength to use.
  • Easy to store – small and lightweight, these corkscrews won’t dominate your shelves or take up too much stock room space.

BBQ Skewers

Wholesale BBQ Skewers

BBQ skewers are a firm favourite with the kebab fanatics; you can get plenty of meat onto them – chicken, chorizo or king prawns for the fancy folk out there (we’re getting hungry). Plus, it gives people a chance to get their 5-a-day in with a slice of pepper or a chunk of red onion.

If you want to give your customers an option outside of the standard burger and sausage BBQ, stock some wooden skewers, and entice your customers into doing something different.

Product Benefits:

  • Good length – at 29.5 cm, these BBQ skewers have more than enough room for meat and vegetables.
  • Multi-use – customer can use at BBQs, camping trips and picnics, as well as occasions like weddings and birthday parties.
  • Small – won’t dominate your shelves and won’t fill up your stock room.
  • Sturdy – these skewers are sturdy, so there’s less risk of them breaking or snapping.


Wholesale Napkins

BBQs can be a messy affair; sauce, butter, juices from the meat, and if you get kids involved, it takes the messiness to a whole new level. Napkins are something it’s quite easy to forget, but remembering them means hands won’t be sticky and the cleanliness of the BBQ will go up a notch.

Keep your customers clean by investing in some napkins from us; we’ve got plenty of different brands and colours to choose from.

Product Benefits:

  • Soft – won’t irritate the skin.
  • Plentiful – you get either 20 or 30 in our packs of napkins, which is plenty to go around everyone at a BBQ.

Rubbish Bags

Wholesale Rubbish Bags

As we’ve seen at recent football matches, beaches and parks across the UK since lockdown restrictions eased; we have a problem with people thinking it’s okay to litter. While you can’t stop people from littering, you can play your part by providing rubbish bags in your product collection.

Encourage your customers to look after the environment and their communities by including napkins with all your BBQ goods.

Product Benefits:

  • Considerate – shows you are considerate of the environment and sends a message out to everyone else.
  • Environmentally-friendly options – if you want to go one step further, include biodegradable bags in your product collection.
  • Durable – poor quality bags can mean you end up with more rubbish scattered all over the floor than you’d planned, so all our bags are stronghold.

Additional Items:

As well as the above, you could stock some of the following items if you want an expansive collection:

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