Posted By Paige Prestage Ecommerce Manager on 26th July 2022

Back to School Essentials – Beat the Rush!

Schools are out for summer and there is a buzz in the air, but we all know how fast the weeks fly by and September will be here before we know it (we can almost hear parents sighing with relief already).

It’s time to beat the back-to-school rush by stocking a varied range of essential educational products for young children through to young adults. As ever, there are some important trends we expect to see this year:

  • A rise in online shopping – it’s no secret that families often find it easier to order online, and school supplies are not exempt from this. Ideal if you have an online store.
  • Needs based shopping – with inflation continuing to affect shopping habits, parents will be searching for the best value back-to-school products meaning price will be a key factor in purchasing decisions.
  • It’s the start of a new you – the beginning of a new school year, the chance to reinvent yourself! After kids have spent significant amounts of time away from their peers, they’ll be going back with new vigour and will be willing to try new brands and products to impress.
  • Don’t rule out in store shopping – while online shopping will be popular, there’s nothing like wandering into town to pick up the essentials from a physical shop with their eye-catching displays. Ensure your products are grouped accordingly to help maximise sales.

We’re going to highlight some of our best products, so you’ve got all the must-have items on your shelves, whether you’re a schoolteacher looking for equipment or a shop looking to sell goods to parents.

Why Buy Our Product Collections?

  1. Grouping products creates a more intelligent, logical approach to buying – e.g. Customer buys a pencil case and realises they need pens.
  2. Maximise sales by including various options and brands.
  3. Allows you to take advantage of seasonal buying traditions.
  4. It gives the buyer a visual experience – they can see the whole collection in front of them; they just need to buy it.

1. Binders & Files

The epitome of organisation! Perfect for filing away dog eared homework, drawings, research, coursework and more, our selection of wholesale binders and files will keep important documents neatly together ready for when they’re needed. Here are our recommendations:

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2. Erasers, Sharpeners & Rulers

You won’t go wrong with this collection of erasers, sharpeners, and rulers by popular, big-name brands. We have a range of equipment that’ll help fix any errors!

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3. Pens, Pencils & Exercise Books

Pens and pencils are the backbone of education and should top the list of back-to-school products you stock, alongside exercise books. From plain pens to patterned and coloured, ensure your customers have all they need to hit the ground running come September and beyond.

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4. Maths Sets & Calculators

Trying to work out what maths equipment to stock can be a tricky equation, but Harrisons are here to help! We’ve crunched the numbers and come up with a list of best-selling math sets and calculators:

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5. Pencil Cases

Is there anything worse than the look of disappointment on the teachers face at the phrase “Miss, please can I borrow a pen?” A pencil case is a must have school item to ensure all writing equipment, rulers and math sets are kept in one, organised place.

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6. Refill Pads

If there is one thing we know, it’s that students go through a tonne of paper! Between classwork, homework, course work and doodles, paper is a must have school staple all year round! Here are our recommendations:

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