Posted By Joe Elson on 20th August 2021

Autumn Buyers’ Picks 2021

With lockdown restrictions easing and social distancing measures ending in July, the world finally feels like it’s getting back to normality after a turbulent and troublesome year.

The Financial Times reported that the UK has seen a 4.8% growth spurt in the second quarter, which is brilliant news for UK businesses. And while the output wasn’t as great as pre-pandemic levels, it’s a promising sign.

We predicted that the UK economy would grow in our last buyers’ picks article, so we’re on a roll! We also like to predict what products will be popular throughout each quarter, and we have a selection of items that will be hot sellers this year, all picked by our experienced buyers.

At Harrisons, our buyers:

  • Select new products and review old products, so you get products that are more likely to sell.
  • Find the right suppliers – so we can price our goods competitively.
  • React to any changes in customer demand, so you get the products you need when you need them.
  • Maintain relationships with existing suppliers while seeking out new ones – we’re always looking for new, innovative products that improve your sales lines.
  • Getting feedback from customers – we want to hear about how products work for you and what we can do better (we’ve got a 4.8 avg review on Feefo!).

We follow all the latest product trends so that you can get the essentials and any trending products or event-focused merchandise. Here are our predictions for autumn 2021:

Diaries & Calendars

As we approach the end of another year that’s been marred by COVID, people will be looking to plan their 2022 in advance. Whether it’s holidays, days out or missed birthdays, people will be eager to make up for lost time, and diaries and planners will be popular among consumers this year.

Cold & Flu Medicines

The nights are drawing to a close quicker, and the temperature will begin to drop soon – it’s a beautiful time of year, as bonfire night and Halloween start to creep up, and the lush green landscape starts to melt into deep reds, oranges and browns. It also means annoying colds, cold sores, viruses, sniffles and all sorts of ailments as the body tries to bat away germs that thrive in the cold weather, so stock up on our cold and flu medicines to keep your customers healthy this autumn.


We didn’t get too much freedom last Halloween, so we think that people will be making up for it this year by trick-or-treating and having parties. Get stocked up on goodies so your customers can create a spooky space this October.


It seems like Christmas gets earlier every year, but retailers need to be prepared! And many people didn’t see their families last Christmas, so we think this one will be a festive period to remember. Get stocked up on Christmas essentials early this year, with our Christmas products.

New Toys for 2021:

New Confectionery for 2021:

New Cards and Gift Wrap for 2021:

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