Posted By Joe Elson on 28th September 2021

Our Top 5 Christmas Toys for 2021

For kids, toys are what Christmas is all about. That magical feeling of coming downstairs to a pile of presents, delivered by the big man in a red suit throughout the night is a memory that never leaves us. And then, getting to spend the whole day playing with your amazing new toys – those were the days!

It’s safe to say the pressure on parents is high as they try to choose a play-worthy gift that looks like it’s been crafted by Santa’s elves themselves. Make Christmas a little easier for your customers by stocking a cracking selection of toys in your store this Christmas! We have hundreds of wholesale Christmas toys to choose from here at Harrisons.

We got the scoop from our buyers on the hottest Christmas toys for 2021, here’s what they predict will be our top 5 selling Christmas toys this year.

1. Squeakee The Balloon Dino

One of our hottest selling toys of 2020, Squeakee The Balloon Dog, has a new friend – Squeakee The Balloon Dino! Our buyers predict the craze over these balloon animals is far from over and with all its impressive features, Dino is set to out-sell Dog this year.

Squeakee is an interactive Balloon Dino that’s inflated with all sorts of fun. He behaves like a real dinosaur, stomping, chomping and dancing around, keeping kids entertained for hours. After the success of Squeakee the Balloon Dog, you’ll be missing a trick if this inflatable dino isn’t on your shelves this Christmas.

How does it work?

The wholesale Squeakee The Balloon Dino includes over 70 interactive sounds and movements including nuzzling, walking, laughing, roaring, stomping and much more. The Dino set comes with a toy bone and headphone accessories, and he can be ‘inflated’ by blowing into his nose and deflated in a hilarious way that your young customers will love.

  • Suitable for ages 5+
  • Dimensions: 48 x 25 x 36cm
  • Battery Requirements: 6 x AA (not included)
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2. Instaglam Trolley

This shimmer and sparkle Insta glam on the go trolly is every pre-teen girl’s dream! Any child that rocks up to a sleepover with this kit is instantly the most popular at the party – after all, what’s more fun than a makeover? It includes everything they might need: child-friendly eye shadows, lip glosses, body shimmer and plenty of brushes to apply it with.

The Instaglam Trolley is the perfect way for creative kids to channel their inner makeup artist without rummaging through mum’s makeup bag full of expensive cosmetics. Parents will be even happier to hear that it can be packed back up and stored neatly away while not in use. 

We predict this will be very popular among many aspiring superstars this Christmas!

What does it include?

14 x eyeshadows, 14 x lipstick, 16 x lip gloss, 14 x body shimmers, 4 x nail polish, 2 x small hair band, 2 x large hair band, 3 x nail sticker sheets, 3 x holographic nail sticker sheets, 14 x sponge applicator, 2 x small brush, 1, brush, 1 x nail file, 1 x cuticle shaper, 1 x comb, 8 x hair clip.

  • Age 8+
  • Weight: 3.2200 Kg
  • Dimensions (cm): 34 x 24 x 52
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3. Gotta Go Turdle

Stocked by all the big retailers and coming in at number 3 on our list is the wholesale Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle, which will provide hours of laughs, giggles and fun for your younger customers this Christmas. 

For children that are curious about bodily functions, this is a fun way to learn about the digestive system and remove any embarrassment about going potty.

Christmas 2020 saw Little Live’s Gotta Go Flamingo sales soar, so we predict their newest edition to do just as well this year!

How does it work?

When Shelbert the turtle is fed his magic food his neck wiggles and wobbles as he gobbles it down and begins to chirp his catchy “Uh oh, gotta go” toilet song. Once placed on the toilet he magically “poops” into the bowl which he will do again and again when fed. He also loves to repeat what is said with a record and play button.

  • Suitable for ages 4+
  • Dimensions: 21 x 13.5 x 34.58cm
  • Hilarious interactive turtle toy
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4. Treasure X Dino Gold Dino Dissection

One of the best things about Christmas day as a child is spending it playing with toys from Santa. The Dino Dissection toy will provide their new owner with hours of fun as they dissect treasure from multiple spots, leaving them with a fun toy to play with forevermore. 

Dinosaur toys are dominating the market at the moment, making this a great Christmas gift for your customers and a great toy to have in stock.

How does it work?

The wholesale Treasure X Dino Gold Dino Dissection set contains 16 levels of adventure to help save the trapped treasure hunter. Customers are challenged to dissect the mega-sized T-Rex and search through golden ooze and prehistoric poop for their treasure, with a one in eight chance of finding real gold dipped treasure.

  • Suitable for ages 5+
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 10 x 14cm
  • 16 levels of adventure fun
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5. Jiggly Pets – Tan Tan the Orangutan

Tan Tan the Orangutan is the perfect Christmas present for kids aged 4 and over who love music, interactive toys and animals. Expect to see this stocked at all major retailers this year!

Tan Tan will have everyone up dancing along to his funky jungle tunes. Watch as he blasts up to 3 different songs and jiggles his booty to the beat. He even comes with matching glasses for your customer to wear as they boogie together.

What’s included?

Jiggly Pets Tan Tan the Orangutan is a 25cm dancing Orangutan with soft and stretchy bright orange hair and party sunglasses. He includes three built-in tunes for three different vibes!

  • Comes with two pairs of party sunglasses – one for Tan Tan and one for your customer.
  • Batteries required: 3 x AA Batteries (Included)
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In the world of retail, it pays to be one step ahead, so now is the time to plan what toys will be in your store for Christmas 2021. The toys in the list above are set to fly off our shelves, so expect them to do the same in your store. Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss out! 

Have you seen the rest of our Christmas products? We have everything from wholesale gifts and cards to confectionery for you to shop online now!

Our buyers are in the process of putting together predicted best seller lists for our other Christmas lines so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.