Posted By Harrisons Direct Delivered Wholesale on 7th August 2019

The American Candy Revolution

You’ve probably heard of Reese’s products, with their classic orange and yellow packaging. But how much do you know about this top American brand, and why should you stock Reese’s on your shelves?

Where did Reese's begin?

What’s the big deal?

Reese’s chocolate products are available worldwide but are widely known as the classic American candy.

You might remember Reese’s Pieces featuring in the hit Spielberg film ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’ back in 1982, though the brand has been around a lot longer!

Where did Reese’s begin?

Back in 1923, a former dairy farmer started The H.B. Reese Candy Company from his basement.

Harry Burnett Reese had worked on a Hershey’s farm, being involved in the earliest stages of the production of Hershey’s chocolate. When he decided to go it alone, he created the world-renowned Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which are available to buy to this very day.

H. B. Reese used Hershey’s chocolate in the production of his candies, having worked for the company previously. And, in 1963, the H.B. Reese Candy Company was merged officially with Hershey’s.

Today, Reese’s products are manufactured and distributed by The Hershey Company and remain one of the world’s best-selling candy brands.

Why stock Reese's?
Where did Reese's begin?

Why stock Reese’s?

Today, everyone wants a bite of the American candy action.

TV shows, movies and YouTube channels have turned classic American candies into globally recognised treats.

An ever-increasing number of online stores sell American candy exclusively, for those that want to order products from Reese’s and other brands. But, people now expect to see American candies in their favourite local shops as well. These products are going global, but they’re not in every store yet.

If you stock Reese’s products, then you’ll be amongst the first to accommodate this growing taste for peanut butter candies straight from the USA. These newly available products will generate excitement, with many consumers choosing them to sample what’s available ‘across the pond’.

American confectionery is becoming something of a craze. Your customers want Reese’s products, and other American treats. Buy Reese’s in bulk at trade prices, and be the one they think of when they’re searching for a convenient sugar fix!