Posted By Paige Prestage Marketing Executive on 26th April 2021

Swizzels Brand Guide: Loved Since 1928

Swizzels are the best sweets in the UK! While that may be an opinion I’d have to defend in a debate, you can’t argue that Swizzels has been producing some of the tastiest, tantalising treats for what seems like forever. 

My parents ate Love Hearts, Parma Violets and Drumstick lollies as much as I did, so there’s that feeling of ‘handing something down’ through the generations when it comes to Swizzels.

In this article, we’re going through the brand’s history, what they stand for, and their best products. We’re going to talk about why you should stock Swizzels sweets.

Who Are Swizzels?

Swizzels are a sweet manufacturer based in Stockport in the UK. However, the company began trading in Hackney at a market stall where brothers Maurice and Alfred Matlow sold jellied sweets.

In 1928 they built a factory selling jellies and chews and became known as the Matlow brothers. And in 1933, they merged with a businessman called David Dee, who specialised in making compressed fizzy tablet sweets.

In 1940, The Blitz meant they had to relocate to their current site in Derbyshire, and they’ve remained there ever since.

Some of their most famous sweets were released in the early 1940s and 50s, with Parma Violets in 1947, Love Hearts in 1954 and Drumsticks in 1957.

What Does the Swizzels Brand Stand For?


Because Swizzels sweets are so old, they’re often passed down through generations. For example, Rainbow Drops were launched in the 1930s, which means some of our grandparents or great grandparents would have munched on them nearly 100 years ago. 

Because we were introduced to these sweets by our families, the memories stay with us and mean we’re more likely to love them when we’re older.


Swizzels are one of the few brands that can remain traditional and innovative at the same time. While the likes of Parma Violets and Love Hearts help them keep their brand image and sales strong, newer innovations have enabled them to stay relevant in the sweet market.

For example, Squashies sweets were released in 2012 and have been a massive hit with candy fans – they even take inspiration from Swizzels’ older sweet range. Their newest invention, ‘Great British Puds’ was driven by fans after the confectioner went on a nationwide hunt for a new idea.


Swizzels is a family-run business and has stayed true to those roots as current managing director Jeremy Dee is the grandson of former owner David Dee. And it isn’t only the owners who promote the family value of love.

The factory is known as ‘The Factory of Love’, and there are over 60 couples in relationships at the company. There must be something in those Love Hearts…

What Swizzels Products Should You Stock?

1. Swizzels Drumstick Chocolate Bar

Swizzels are known for making sweets, so a Swizzels chocolate bar is stepping into new territory – and we like it! While it may seem a little unusual to have a chocolate bar in the flavour of a Drumstick, it tastes great and is well worth stocking for your more adventurous chocolate fanatics.

  • 20 x 100g bars
  • Filled with real fruit pieces
  • Milk chocolate with a raspberry and milk flavour filling

2. Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites Tub

Take a trip down memory lane with Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites – no prizes for guessing which sweets are in this tub! Bringing Swizzels best sweets into one box was an instant success, and the company claimed to be selling one box every five seconds during Christmas 2013.

  • Contains Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Drumsticks, Refreshers Squashies, Double Lollies, Fruit Pops, Double Dip, Fizzers, Drumstick Squashies and Refreshers.

3. Swizzels Fun Gums

Swizzels also make sweets for pick and mix audiences and have an extensive range of tasty treats that are sure to pique your customers’ interest. Channel the nostalgia by picking up tubs of your favourite pick and mix sweets!

4. Swizzels Drumstick Squashies (24 x 45g)

While the traditional Refresher and Drumsticks sweets are chewy, Squashies are softer and easier to eat. While it may seem like a small practicality, easy-to-eat sweets tend to get eaten a lot quicker and open the Drumstick flavour up to people who want a sweet with a different texture.

  • Raspberry & Milk Flavour Gums
  • No Artificial Colours

5. Swizzels Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Sweets

Veganism has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to new philosophies and lifestyle choice surrounding food and manufacturers’ willingness to provide food that vegans and vegetarians can eat. Swizzels gave their products a makeover, time for you to give your range a makeover!

Stocking Up On Sweets?

If you’re stocking up on sweets, we have the perfect blog to help you decide what to buy. It’s called American vs European Confectionery: What Should You Stock? You’ll find some tasty accompaniments to your Swizzels selection, so it’s well worth a read.

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