Posted By Paige Prestage Ecommerce Manager on 20th September 2021

Look-O-Look Brand Guide: A wonderful world of sweet surprises

I remember coming across Look-O-Look sweets a couple of years ago and just looking at them unlocked childhood memories I’d forgotten I ever had! Visions of swapping Candy Burgers for Pizza’s with friends and coaxing my younger siblings into sucking on Sour Stripes came flooding back. I can still recall the exact look on their faces – priceless. Isn’t it funny how you can store information in the corner of your brain like that? 

Anyway, my point is, Look-O-Look sweets are the epitome of nostalgia. They allow you to return to your childhood as you dive into a world of sour, sweet, colourful candy that tastes just as good as back in the day! And for the new generation of kids, they’re a fun and tasty way to sharpen the senses. 

In this article, we go through the brand’s history, their best products and why Look-O-Look sweets deserve a spot on your shelves.

Who is Look-O-Look?

If you don’t know who Look-O-Look are (have you been living under a rock?!), they’re a Netherlands based candy specialist who have been developing successful sweet concepts for over 50-years. The company belongs to the Perfetti Van Melle corporation, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of confectionery.

Look-O-Look is notorious for its signature Candy Gift collection, including Mini Candy Pizza, Sushi and Burgers. They also create everything from stripes, laces and lollipops to flying saucers and candy necklaces – many of which are suitable for vegans.

While they’re technically branded for kids, we think they create sweets that people of all ages will love!

Look-O-Look: A Brief History

1969 – Company creation

Look-O-Look was launched more than 50 years ago in the Netherlands. A unique range of sweets were created, some of which remain a Look-O-Look trademark to this day!

1989 – International growth

They became part of the big confectionery manufacturer Van Melle which allowed them to grow internationally.

2001 – Perfetti, Van Melle merge brought more success

Van Melle and the Italian confectionery company Perfetti merged. The result was Perfetti Van Melle, a first-class player in the confectionery market-based in 35 countries.

2014 – Surprise! Sweets to give and share

The success of the famous Candy Pizza began the spin-off of a complete range of sweets, gifts and surprises. Including the staples, Candy Sushi, Candy Burger and new sweet surprises that are added every year!

2015- Vegetarian & vegan sweets

Back in 2015, the first vegetarian and vegan Look-O-Look products were created. Today, more than half of the Look-O-Look family bags and hanging bags have been awarded the official V label.

Which Look-O-Look Products Should You Stock?

Look-O-Look Mini Candy Sushi 100g

It comes as no surprise that this cute, candy sushi box is one of our best sellers! By swapping the Sashimi, Nigiri and Maki for marshmallows, fruit gums, liquorice & more, anyone that’s not a fan of fish can get involved in the delicacy of Sushi in a sweet and fun way.

Look-O-Look Candy Donut 130g

Another fun treat by Look-O-Look is the Candy Donut, which consists of 3 different types of soft candy with a real sugar confetti topping (yummmm)! It’s a feast for the eye and the taste buds as you unbox and discover all the different sweets inside.

Look-O-Look categorises this product as a ‘Candy gift’, making it a fun and surprising present for your customers. Trust us when we say they won’t be able to walk past this product without turning their heads!

Look-O-Look Sour Stripes 90g

Look-O-Look is famous for its sour stripes – a real treat for both your young and old customers. These sour, fruity sweets come in apple and strawberry flavours and are also vegan, making them super inclusive. 

Purchasing Sour Stripes is a safe but exciting bet, they’re the perfect way to introduce Look-O-Look products to your store.

Vegetarian and vegan candy

It’s no secret that vegan products are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s a good idea to stock some meat & dairy-free sweets in your store for all your vegetarian and vegan customers. Look-O-Look has a range of vegan products, including:

Look-O-Look Flying Saucers 20g

Look-O-Look Strawberry Stripes 90g

Look-O-Look Funny Fizz 60g

Look-O-Look Candy Necklaces 90g

Look-O-Look Edible Paper Mixed Fruit Flavours 25g

Having any of these Look-O-Look sweets in your inventory is a smart move that will allow you to provide sweet treats for all dietary requirements.

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